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The Sobering Exerpeince of a Fellow Fullbrighter – A Reward for Coming Back

Taken from http://momers.tumblr.com/post/520037601/the-sobering-experience-of-a-fellow-fulbrighter

A reward for coming back
When will the Balochs stop being victims of the Pakistani paramilitary forces?
Torture and kidnap of Balochs in Balochistan by the Pakistani law enforcement, especially the paramilitary forces, has become very common practice since the last few years. They kidnap us, arrest us on false charges, torture us, brutally murder us and then throw us away. Many of us are still missing. The reasons behind these incidents are because we are Baloch by ethnic and we are continuously demanding for our rights and identity. This mistreatment happens to Baloch at all level; rich and poor educated and uneducated.
On April 8, 2010 I also had to go through the torture process by the paramilitary forces in Quetta, capital of Balochistan.  It happened when I left my hometown, Noshki, about 120km from Quetta. When we entered Quetta, the time was about 09.00 pm, and the van was stopped a couple of times by the paramilitary. Each time the same questions were asked: where is the van coming from and what’s in your bag? Each time the driver and passengers told them that we came from Noshki, and

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i really hate whats happenning to the world right now and i just dont mean politically…

…it’s the damned earthquakes.   i’m shocked at whats happenned in haiti and chile and more or less smaller sized earthquakes that we’ve been experiencing in pakistan.

apparently the planet earth has experienced 350 earthquakes alone in the past week

i’m an earthquake survivor – at least thats what you can say from a technical stand point.  you see – i lived in the building opposite of margalla towers when it collapsed in the big earthquake of 2005.  at the time i was bed ridden with a back problem and hobbling on a stick praying that my building wouldnt not crash on me as well…

i can tell you that for a long time after that i couldnt handle being still… that the aftershocks that went on for a month gave me motion anxiety. that for years afterwards i couldnt handle watching my friends at in a play because i felt that my chair was shaking.

of course… i had it better than most who survived an earthquake.  a lot of people lost their families, their homes and their most dearest belongings. i got away with a bit of chronic motion anxiety and temporary homelessness.

i have very strange dreams – theyre mostly about experiencing a natural disaster – about going on a journey with a group of people and finding a new place or haven to live in because our homes have been destroyed.  maybe it’s a side effect of the

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