Baka is a Sagittarius who enjoys long walks on the beach and women with extensive backgrounds (i.e. criminal records).

In his spare time he enjoys collecting every piece of star trek memorabilia ever made and eating yogurt in Greece.

His co-workers know him to be a kind of “tyrant”, but this is all do to his dedicated attitude towards work and the overlord that is SEGA.

Baka is also into She-ra dolls and brushing his purple hair with my little pony brushes.

– “Big” Kate McSweeney (Sculptor)

Abbas exalted me to the status of ‘friend’ long before I felt worthy. To know Abbas is really well is to know both of him… yes he exists in twos, mostly contradictions. To simplify we can call them names, Abbas from Inside (from here on referred to as Innie) and Abbas from outside (from hereon referred to as Minnie)

Needless to say the first bit you’re exposed to is Inny… Now Inny is sarcastic, Inny is a show of, Inny is a bit pompous and self indulgent, it also doesn’t give much hoot about people, it is impatient… Inny is also a bit of a Don Juan… The point is Inny is actually Minnie’s protective exterior.

Minnie on the other hand is serious cuddle material. Minnie throw baby showers, sits online all night to hear you whine, is the most truthful friend, is absolutely hungry of some serious loving, has the soul of an artist, is one of the most sensitive people I know and perhaps the most reliable people too.

Funnily Inny mocks Minnie plenty… though I don’t really have a problem with that as long as Inny doesn’t kill Minnie… They both balance each other out and the result is to know the joy that Abbas is as a person.

*MUUUUUAAAAAAAH* 32 isn’t far away boy!!!

– Siddy (Former Neighbour and BFF)

Bakatron (my boss) has somehow gotten away with being an ‘artist’ without ever learning how to colour. The sad part is that I have to colour every badly drawn thing he has ever made.

– Ejaz ‘CgMonkey’ Ahmed (Game Artist and Co-Worker)

Abbas is crazy… in so many, many, many ways!

Don’t let him near your children: he’ll run them over with a car.
Don’t let him near your cat: he’ll food poison the poor thing

Don’t let him near your ‘Star Trek’ stuff: He’ll lick it
Don’t let him near your boyfriend: He’ll hump him
Don’t let him near your girlfriend either! : Same reason.

I could go on about all the reasons why you should avoid any kind of contact with Abbas, but I’m sure you get my point.

Bakatron is a ray of squiggly lined sunshine in this world of airbrushed… rays of erm sunshine.

– Andy Jones (Digital Painter)

I walked into ESL and found two young designers working away on the NADRA website. With Abbas, I would go on to form a deep association. He’s worked on numerous projects for me, always on time and always within the paltry budgets we’d have. The Convergence website is one of the longer lasting ones. Very capable, very talented and quite impossible to get along with unless he takes a liking to you, in which case he’s the easiest person to work with and to gain inspiration from. Some of his artwork is truly mind boggling … kudos”

– Wasim Baig (Convergence)

Abbas is dangerous. Not the taut stiletto danger of men in cut silhouettes wearing pinstripes and related to someone called Tommy “The Fingers” Gattuso. Rather the danger of possibly realizing after talking to him that all you have ever done, aspired to, achieved, lost, loved and gambled perhaps wasn’t such a big deal after all. That the crescendo of the symphony of a life fulfilled isn’t hidden in the X dimension between self actualization and noble aspirations, rather it’s tucked on Page 62 of a Frank Miller graphic novel and yours for nine bucks ninety nine. A nuclear bomb will take our a few square miles…. Abbas can tear down your entire universe. With the exception of stampeding women when Iftari happens at a buffet in Lahore, few things are as dangerous as letting your guard down and having a conversation with Abbas. You have been warned.

– Habib Ullah Khan (Cisco)

Abbas is genitalia.

Abbas floats on a cloud. When he speaks, gelatinous spheres bubble from his mouth. Tiny leprechauns scurry at his feet. It’s hard to get close to him, because I’m awed by his magical power. But I’ll always be a friend to him, not least because he’s blackmailing me. That is to say – I’ll be his friend until the opportunity to kill him arises. Check your brake lines, Abbas

– Sanam Taseer (Diva)

He watches TV, plays vid games and talks geek for a living. I hate him.

– Umair Khalid (Former Intern)

abbas is a lying alien, he is an amoeba he reproduced by himself, hunh asexual slut laying blame on me always….mota bonga yamakaboozie…

– Sahar Ansari (Crazy Retard)

Bakatron made me buy a pc for my internship 😀 hated him then but he turned out to be a lot of fun, enjoyed his company a lot, like his artwork and best of all dont hate him anymore 🙂

– Rabbia Qaswar (Former Intern now married to other former intern)

The day that Baka does not show or say something disturbing, will be the day the Hell freezes over.

Constanza Ehrenhaus (PHD Student – which means she’s smarter than everyone else on this page)

First I saw of this was the xmas message on facebook… I thought it was wrong then and it’s still wrong now!! I mean…. santa/elf slash? *dies* Only you, baka… only you.

– Samantha Hogg (Digital Artist in response to a christmas card he sent out)

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  1. Big Kate 12.02.07 / 2pm

    LOL! Awesome!

  2. Linda 03.12.09 / 2am

    errrrgh arrrrgh

  3. Carl Douglas 09.07.11 / 11am

    Hilarious testimonials. I only hope that my colleagues will refer to me as genitalia upon questioning in the future.

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