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  1. one of those jus extremly 3 ppl who always bring a smile to ma face. the only person ive ever met in ma life who knows the real real value of truth no mater how bad it is. it can always be worsse. an extreamly extreamly amazing artist. jus the way i like it! a little crazy, a lil insane, alot of emotion an very expressive. thats what i like about him. infinite imagination.. ive never seen before. its like u can go on and on and on with one story to find just so many differnt endings. and above all an amaaaaaaaaaazzzzing frend to be with and go along the long hrs of those weird days where nothing is ok but still u know u can always count on one person whod listen and whod jus be there to tel u that u r not nuts. som1 id wana know wen all is said n all is done. with whom i can sit and jus listen to the sound of the pebbles under the shore. ruunin around and freakin out and jus leaped into ma soul. actually.. hes the only one whos kool wid even the hannibal lector inside me. its a great pleasure in knowin another amazing artist. and to know that u have a frend like u is a smile thats worth wile and well remembered thoroughout ma life. thank you fer all the times uve been there to listen to the jerk inside me:D yes i really do appriciate ur patience! and if u ever slak at being ma frend like u r now.. id kik ur butt n make sure id hit n run u over wif ma future h1. so stay the same. n always know i love u n m always here fer u.! love ya fer being there. ur the best!

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