Darkfall is Coming

I recently visited Aventurine’s offices in Athens, Greece. Their Management and Art Directors, being the true gentlemen they are showed me their progress on the MMORPG Darkfall. I also had a wonderful chat with their Associate Producer Tasos Flambouras, Game Designer Claus Grovdal, and Art Director Henning Ludvigsen.

There’s been a lot of online chatter whether or not this was the mother of MMORPGs or not. And after seeing what I think is most likely just a bit of it I am thoroughly convinced that this could, quite possible be the WOW killer that we’ve all been waiting for. To say that its vast is an understatement… the variety and options that are available to the player is incredible.

The art assets were awesome. I loved nearly everything that was being made. I did see this game last year as well and it wasn’t bad …it was getting better along the way. This year the game looks nearly mind blowing especially with some of the unique things that they’ve done with their engine are optimized in such a way that aren’t normally done in a traditional MMORPG.

As a Game Designer/Art Director who has worked on multiple Triple-A titles, I was totally blown away by the 3D work that those guys have put in. Then again, having a famous painter, law abiding citizen like Henning on your team as Art Director really brings out the best in your assets. The detail and characterization in the characters alone made me want to play it.

Let’s put it this way… I’m not a huge MMORPG player because I don’t have the time. I do enjoy ‘Runescape’ because I can play it casually and I have fun doing so. I also enjoy it’s ‘Tongue-in-Cheek’ approach to things. Sometimes they can be too hardcore and impersonal. Darkfall was just different…I not only wanted to play it… I wanted to live in that world.

You know I’ve heard about that chatter about creating that ultimate online world that gives you the flexiblity to do whatever you want. Something that can substitute near real life. I know Second Life nearly does that… Darkfall does it ten times better and gives you a feeling that youre part of something really fantastic.

No MMORPG has done that for me before.

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21 thoughts on “Darkfall is Coming

  1. Thanks for the update. I’m sure your post had to be combed through by darkfall staff first. I sure wish they would give us an estimate on beta and final.

    Being a new person to Darkfall (only 3 or 4 months), I’ve heard it was on-going for years and years. I hope the visit showed you that it will not be that much longer before it sees the light of day.

  2. As Phooey stated nice article, good to hear from someone who has seen the game first hand. Thanks for taking the time to let us all know about your experience.

  3. Awsome read man i’m glad you had a good time there. it also brings back A LOT of inspiration with this game. i now want to preach about it again =D.

  4. What luck to be able to visit the studio! It seems that seeing DFO and some Devs has left a good impression on you (no less your a casual mmo player.)

    This is all great news. I’m eager to see what the rest of us think when we first see it in action – I’m counting on all positives ^^

    Thanks so much 😀

  5. http://forums.f13.net/index.php?topic=9175.35

    “Late last year thrones was approached by a few different companies wanting to purchase a mmog. One of them was Red Bull (the soft drink company) and that is how the information about a Darkfall sale was leaked. Basically in one of the phone conferences with the Vice President of Red bull , he stated that they looked over a few different games for possible purchase and Darkfall was one of them. He also said that when the company making df found out they were not interested in purchasing anymore and were going to move in a different direction with something else they sent him emails lowering the buyout price and trying to change his mind but there was no longer interest. The asking price he mentioned for df was first 2 million , than they dropped it to 1 million. Why did the sale not happen? He basically said that it wasn’t up to par for a purchase for whatever reasons.

    Of course nothing less than a public denial of any type of sale from the producer of the project was expected , as any mention of a sale would have the fanbase crumble overnight as fast as Dark and Light after the release of SoG.

    Take this for what it is – a post by someone on the internet. However , I know it to be reality.

    Now Redbull is involved with Project Offset it seems which is a very good move as that project looks amazing. They recently threw them a party at GDC.”

  6. its kinda odd aaron. every time i visit aventurine, their studio size tends to increase.

    mid development buy outs are common in the industry. whenever there are indie games there are always people walking in the middle of development and prospect about buying them. its natural. sometimes you need some venture capital and your product is floated.

    its natural.


    because everyone who works on any game is a salaried employee. there are things to factor in such as inflation and cost of living – they change over a period of time. and an individual working in a studio has personal needs that expand with change.  and given the long work hours demanded in this industry, you need more incentive to stay in it.

    do you know how many companies are interested in buying that oh-so-cool indie game product and put it out there?  after all – games are hip. to be hip is to be innovative. to be known for such things improves your corporate portfolio .

    rumors are spread – they happen all the time. if you’re going to be prom queen, you’re also going to have to be the biggest freaking female bully around.  you’re going to spread rumors – increase speculation about others so as to increase your own value.  it happens.

  7. Although Darkfall will be really great, it won’t be a WoW-killer. Most people are very stupid and WoW is the only type of game that they can play. All they can do is mindlessly and repeatedly kill the same easy NPCs over and over again. Having to compete against real people is just too much for them.

    In the meantime, people waiting for Darkfall should try out EVE. It is very similar to how Darkfall will be and you can easily see by reading the EVE forums how many Ex-WoW players try it out and than whine/quit when they are killed by other players. EVE, not WoW, is Darkfall’s main competitor and it is the game Darkfall needs to kill in order to survive.

  8. LoL this was posted 2 years ago and Darkfall is still a no where even near a puiblic Beta…

    I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

  9. hey,

    I wait for darkfall to, and i’ve been playing 4 year in runescape for the PVP content, huge war clan (500 vs 500) aslo full loot XD

    now i play only somtimes in “bh” with “wallon_b_o_y”, if you like pking f2p in med craters add me :); i enjoy SB to 🙂


  10. hmm, “I not only wanted to play it…”, (imo) means you were not playing it. so you are just like all the others… you talk about the look/first impression.
    its like add.

  11. With no gameplay screen shots, Promo videos and multiple broken promises on release dates, I still am unconvinced this is nothing more than vaporware.

  12. I am a wow player and i love this darkfall game that will never come out. Whats it been 8 years lol.The longer it takes the better all these online games get wow for one.I bet blizzard is watching the main darkfall site all the time and will steal some of or all the good ideas.LOL bye the time it comes out it will be outdated wow is getting better and better and thay have new stuff cooming out all the time so if darkfall is going to have a chance thay better get moving because thay are losing some of there fan base all ready and the game is not even out yet.Its been two dam long see ya in 8 more years lol.

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