The Life of an International Blue Jays Fan

I’m a diehard Toronto Blue Jays fan.  I have loved the team since the mid 80s when I was first introduced to them. I grew up on Mosey, Barfield, George Bell and later on Alomar, Carter, Gruber and Olerud.  Being in Pakistan, it makes it hard to follow them – especially given the timezone difference. I recently posted this on Reddit after Edwin scored his monster home-run against the Orioles in the 2016 AL Wildcard game.

I think I’ll start blogging more about Baseball more and my general musings.



We wake up at odd hours to watch games, we’re groggy in the mornings; our relationships are defined 6 months a year by the how the Blue Jays are playing that year. We find all sorts of weird ways to get merchandise, sometimes we rely on Jays fans to send us swag because for one odd reason or another our cards arent working internationally or doesn’t deliver to our homes.

Our friends and family think we’re strange because we follow a team that has no relevance to the place we’re living in. We find friends and fans online to watch games with. Our knowledge of baseball tends to be better than those in North America. We love the off-season as much as anyone else keeping up with the team. Trades excite us and there’s a good chance our phone is buzzing an alert at 3AM, waking us up all excited and our spouse/partner is equally annoyed by you running to the computer/tv to get more information. You also end up with irrelevant hockey and curling related posts on your news feed because you liked the sportsnet page for jays news.

You’re expecting a baby and you’ve ordered baby jays gear months in anticipation that the first thing he or she will ever wear will be a Blue Jays onesie. You will attempt to name your kid ‘Jose’ after Bautista but thats not going to happen. You try Edwin, Russel, and even Dickey – all of those are great big nopes! You eventually settle a non-baseball related name, Jose mysteriously becomes your middle child’s name and your spouse/partner finds out many, many months later – but it’s too late 😀

You look for friends that can watch games with in your city or even country and it’s hard. Most people don’t know anything about the game or are passive Yankees fans. Sometimes you meet a Dodgers or Giants fan in real life which is kind of cool but they arent as hardcore as you. Most of them will mention Pitcher Wins and you will look at them and will probably treat them like they are an idiot. They won’t understand why and neither will you why they don’t get it.

An hour a day is spent online learning about advanced stats and combing through sites like fangraphs. MLBTR is the second site you visit and you have an MLB.TV subscription that works off your PS3/PS4. Sometimes you wish for a national baseball team and make your own national uniforms on the MLB The Show. Sometimes you’ll meet other international fans on social media as hardcore as you, form bonds and make jokes about Timezones, having small children and managing relationships.

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