Elitism and Art

My favourite place to post art on the web is a place called GFXArtist. It’s a somewhat complicated place to upload your pictures to but browsing it is a breeze and the interface is just fantastic. Unlike Deviantart, its not too big either. There are about 1000 active users there and the quality in artwork automatically shows. I can be found at http://bakatron.gfxartist.com.

One of the most irksome things about GFX is the entire elite concept – I absolutely hate it. I hate elite. I hate elitism. I hate the entire machinery behind it.

I’ve watched really good friends go gonzo and tear each other apart so that their stupid icon goes yellow from blue – that they can go out there and collect as many votes as they want. it pisses me off. Why can’t we all get along because of a stupid yellow icon?

I’ve been nominated before for elite and i took my work out of the public galleries until it was over.

I could have properly run for elite this month and gotten away with it because all my friends have already gone elite. I miss not being able to show my work in the same gallery as Dean Kuhta, Aaron Sikstrom, and Matt Blair. Those guys are amazing- being with them made you work harder as an artist. GFXArtist, in itself, made me a better artist. Being friends with them gave me greater insight and respect for other styles and methods.

Being nominated for elite doesn’t make me want to draw for some odd reason. I don’t want to be a part of a misogynous system called elitism. No artist can be called elite. No artist can call himself better than another after a certain period of learning. After achieving a certain degree of vertical learning, we strive to expand ourselves horizontally. to call that elite is nothing less than a joke.

For now, I’m unpublishing my work from the forum until this month’s nominations are over. I’ll be back on the eight. GFXArtist is still a fantastic online art forum, and in a lot of ways far better than

8 thoughts on “Elitism and Art

  1. Well, I generally like the system about “elitism” because it is sorting the better pieces out sothat members who aren’t that good get a chance to have their work seen and commented by more people than it would be seen and commented when all were in the same gallery. (Like on DeviantART were it is really hard to be recognized)
    Well, that is just my opinion about it. But I also don’t like the fact that people were going insane about the yellow icon. Those people, however, will always exist.
    Groing as a true artist means to understand that quality means that your art would be still good if there was a nuclear war and everything – including all awards – were destroyed. If your art would be nothing then, it shows that you were just hunting for popularitiy, lying to yourself.
    GFX has been my favorite gallery for 3 years now, and I am taking the nominations as a chance to see were I have grown better because I do not think, that I will be able to get this award anytime soon because I am not belonging to the members who are hunting for popularity and so my fanclub may not be huge enough to “award” me 😉

  2. dear Abbas
    I quite undrestand how you feel about elite thing ..
    but , I like it somehow , because of the slower flow of elite thumbnails in the first page 😀 If i could make some changes in this site , I would seperate photographs and paintings(+drawings) line .
    I admit that many unique and beautiful paintings or drawings can be found in normal line. and because of seperated elite line ,when I (as a user)discover them , it feels like a discovery .and there are many elite members who I dont like them at all … take it easy 😛 .. and dont get mad if you became an elite one , do comeback

  3. Hey! I am not an elite yet sir! I thoguht I was your friend! (wink) I understand where you are coming from and I repect your opinion. You scared me because I thought you got mad and left gfx! I am glad to see that is not the case.


  4. Elitism is an evil necessity. Weak artists who insist on making excuses about their art must be pruned as all they want is popularity.

  5. well, i don’t think being elite in gfxartist is a big deal anymore since the community lost a lot of quality and any asshole with a camera can be elite. either way where you should try to make your art out there and more exposed is in the real world/magazines etc because is where it can actually give you real and good oppurtunities not some community that used to be good and people harass you just because they’re jealous of feel threatned.
    i really liked gfx but then lol whatever. all i have to say is gfx is not what it was when i joined many stuff changed to bad stuff this is why now is like only 2 categories per month or 1 being nominated because it made people saturated and only the ppl who like to harass keep on being there and finding it great.

    if you’re not in these communities join these:
    http://www.creativesteem.com – is an art community made from the ppl who created raster group
    http://www.behance.net (i can get you an invite to join) – is for professionals
    http://www.talentdatabase.com – they do promote your work if you email them showing some examples so they can actually notice you

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