Pakistani’s do the dumbest things/This Blog is a waste of Internet Space


As a Pakistani, I am a part of one of the most socially networked societies ever.

Pakistanis love Social Media, especially Facebook and Twitter. We use it make protests, create awareness about topics concerning global Muslim issues and of course do stuff that other socieities do with it, e.g stalk people, share photos, make parties and events, etc.  We also use Social Media to create hysteria about things that don’t really concern us but ignore issues that do (we’re secretly American at heart).

Recently a bunch of idiots have created a collossal shitstorm on the social stream by posting fake pictures of alleged ‘Massacre of Burmese Muslims by Burmrese Troops’.

What really kicks me up the noggin is that every  half-witted Pakistani connected to the internet believes these are real. Whats worse is that they’re ignoring actual ethnic cleansing by their own troops such as the Hazara People in Baluchistan.  Our State machinery is actively killing and trying to exile an entire ethnic group right in our own backyard and we’re worried about… Burmese Muslims.  I used to think that Apple Fanboys were delusional about the whole ‘Steve Jobs’ cult, but us Pakistanis officially taking the cake here.

I actually have a friend whose father was killed in Quetta, Baluchistan some years back.

His crime:  Being a Hazara!

A person who is a succesful businessman, a pillar of the local community not to mention a beloved husband and father is killed because:

  1. He has slanty eyes;
  2. Part of minority sect of Islam and;
  3. Natively speaks Persian

I don’t know about you but thats a pretty shitty reason to kill someone, no?

Now onto my other issue:  Fake Pics!

According to the caption, these have been Muslims that have been killed by Buddhist monks.  If someone has half a brain and does a reverse image search these are really images of Buddhist Monks helping out in a landslide in China in 2009 (also none of these Buddhist Monks are carrying weapons)

Well just looking at this pic I can tell you ten miles away that there isn’t a Burmese Muslim in this picture.  One of the key reasons why Burmese Muslims are being discriminated against in their country is because of their Dravidian dark skin; None of the people here are remotely that shade.  And in a massacre with supposed dead bodies none of their bodies have any characteristics of such an event (dirt, blood, bullet wounds, scratches, torn clothing, bruises, etc).  In fact if you do a reverse image search, Google and TinEye will tell you that these people are really Vietnamese dissidents.

I’m of course just touching the surface of this stupidity, but why can’t people actually look at their own backyard and try to clean it up?  Is it so hard to realize that there are entire ethnic groups being killed in your own country before you start pointing fingers at far away.

Heck things are so bad in Pakistan that our constitution is designed to actually discriminate against the Ahmedi community – an actual religious minority. We’re so insecure about this really teeny, tiny group of people that the Government of Pakistan has even banned their web site and are trying to ban them from having minarets.  Heck we’re so busy bitching about the Swiss banning Minarets for Mosques in their country that we’re actually doing it in our own.

Oh and for the heck of it here’s more – I have yet to see people protesting or talking openly against the Syrian government killing their own people. Yes their own people. Actual Muslims killing Muslims. Heck more Muslims kill Muslims through political violence and domestic terrorism than Muslims kill ‘supposed infidels’.  The hypocrisy barometer wen’t ballistic here and no one noticed.

I could go on and on about this issue.  That Pakistanis do the dumbest things… that we are an emotionally charged bunch of yokels who can’t seem to focus on what really matters but I’m sure others have been pointing this out for years and no ones cared. I’m sure some have even died trying…

… and now I think this blog post is suddenly a waste of Internet Space!

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  1. Demion says:

    Abbas, all i have to say is this. If there were 10% Muslims like you in the world, we would have a Muslim casting in every Sci-Fi movie made, because we would be considered a part of the global future. You are candor in an intolerant state, but if you don’t speak up, who will? Keep up the good work my friend. You are a real hero who fights for the spirit and true security of any society. It is the threat within. Thank you for being brave and i hope others will listen and follow suite. I am proud to be your friend. can i get a hug now?

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