The 2010 Blue Jays Season

I am seriously not looking to putting up our worst season since 1978.  I’ve been a fan for over twenty-five years and I’m finding it harder and harder. I know this is a rebuilding year and that we will probably be playoff-worthy in three years…

I just hope this works out.

I will truly miss Roy ‘Doc’ Halladay.  He is my all time favorite basbeball player and it’s painful to see him pitching for the Phillies… but I guess I will have to bear.  I will be rooting for the Phillies as my NL team like I normally do – theyre a working class team and play hard.

I just hope, like all jays fans that he will reach the playoffs with the Phillies. He wins the world series with them and comes back to the Jays once we’re competitive again.

Wishful thinking and all that…

Doc in his new uniform

Doc in his new uniform


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