• Why I Wont Participate in ‘Draw Muhammad Day’

    I’m not a fan of ”oppression of free speech” but I’m also not a fan of offending people either.   The ‘Draw Muhammad’ day event on Facebook has escalated out of hand.  I don’t know what the initiators of this day  were thinking;  but if it was to protect the freedom of speech of South …

  • Preview from my upcoming strip ‘The Land’

    Copyright © 2009 Abbas Saleem Khan. All Rights Reserved.

  • Madonna by Edvard Munch

    The pause during which the entire world halts in its orbit. Your face embodies all the beauty of the world. Your lips, as crimson as a ripe fruit, are half open as if to express pain. A corpse’s smile. Here life and death shake hands. The chain that links thousands of past generations to the …

  • Alan Moore’s advice to young creators

    Just what the Doctor ordered.

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