The Sobering Exerpeince of a Fellow Fullbrighter – A Reward for Coming Back

Taken from A reward for coming back When will the Balochs stop being victims of the Pakistani paramilitary forces? Torture and kidnap of Balochs in Balochistan by the Pakistani law enforcement, especially the paramilitary forces, has become very common practice since the last few years. They kidnap us, arrest us on false charges, torture

Thanks Dani

So anyway, my friend, the fabulous and talented Daniella (Lolita) Uhlig made this fantastic valentines day present for me to give to Ayesha.  For those of you who don’t know,Ayesha loves cats and I just felt this was so her. A great big THANK YOU to Dani for this one. Youre a star, Dani!

Meteora Repost

I’m reposting my Meteora trip pics for my co-worker Humeira.  I just had to show them and for some odd reason the original post wasnt showing. I think it’s due to some crazy wordpress upgrading or something.  Oh well. These were from my visit there in Dec 06.